Monday, June 20, 2011


Contrary to what many of us use clothes for, some designers view fashion and designing as an art. Yes, yes I know a lot of you view fashion as a form of art; much like a canvas replaced by clothes where you can express an emotion, emphasize on something that you think people should be more aware of, and sometimes, it is just that abstract outfit, that is full of glitter, feathers, maybe some oddly cut shapes in different sizes to form pattern after pattern which later forms a masterpiece that deserves solemn respect, something that should not be violated because of its natural beauty, something that should be preserved.

The main point I'm getting to right now is RODARTE. The designers of Rodarte are Kate and Laura Mulleavy, they have designed collection after collection of couture pieces that may be wearable but sometimes I would want to just own a piece of their collection and just hang it in one of my - as it seems - many cupboards and just look at it, am I really worthy of wearing something that is that beautiful? Now, I know that Rodarte does not have that many fans because of how abstract it is but look at the collection I give you below.

Rodarte is the next guest designer invited to show at Pitti W the Italian fashion fair, that is after Gareth Pugh and Proenza Schouler. Many of the designers just showed some pre-collection outfits whilst Rodarte exhibited a whole 10 outfit collection made from feathers, gold lamé, Swarovski crystals, sequins, and a variety of fabrics in various colors. The wonderful thing is after it is finishes from the Pitti W, it would be donated to the Los Angeles Museum of Art.

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Kylie/missricopenguin said...

Love those dresses!! :)

candy_blossom said...

omg i love these clothes!

evermore1girl said...

Those clothes are beautiful. I like the hanging idea, it really shows off they shape and flowy skirts