Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some more modeling opportunities

Hei, I think you all know, that lot of Preperations are in Order to the Stardoll-Fashion-Week Summer '11...!!!
I checked out the canditates who applied with fashion lines and magazines for SFW... and there are a lot of promising projects with the chance for you to apply as model:


 To apply as model for Pixel-Perfect-of-Stardoll, click here
a new good looking project with wonderful clothes and a great talent of desiging..., one of the candidates of the stardoll-fashion-week 
 To apply as model for Hayslip-Couture, click here
A new crazy and gorgeous Fashion-Line, looks very interesting, also one of the candidates of the stardoll-fashion-week
 To apply as model for Fashion-by-Selena-Marylin-de-Ville, click here
It also looks very profesional and interesting... I really love the spoiler!!!
So what do you think of them?... will you apply? 

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