Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who's That? ;)

Wondering why there is a picture of three random people above? If you guessed that they're the new writers, then you are correct.

There is Linus, or Dog_boy96 who was once Linnea or .pease. if you remember [which you should cause it happened like a week ago], and we're happy to still have him as a writer, but under the name Linus.

Next we have Elle, or RockinEllee. She's going to keep you updated on all the latest modeling competitions on stardoll. Elle is a well known model on stardoll and is involved in many competitions, she judges and competes! As well as that she also will be posting about other things to do with fashion & modeling.

And last but not least, we have Sarah, AKA Sary.Babyfayce, who I discovered while perusing the comments section of the blog. She has great style and I believe she has been in a few modeling comps...?

I hope you like all these new writers and welcome them with open arms. :)



Lia MacKenna / liajm said...

These are great additions! (: Both Elle and Sarah were in the last cycle of my modeling club, and they are amazing! I look forward to seeing their posts!

evermore1girl said...

Nice choice of writers, I look forward to their posts. I loved Rage thanks