Friday, June 3, 2011

Editorialized Needs...?

Recently, Editorialized has gotten to the 150 followers mark! Thanks so much everyone who followed, it's means the world to me and the writers.

I really want this blog to be active and popular, as all blog owners do. That's why in the comments I want to hear your suggestions about what Editorialized needs.
Do we need more writers?
Get rid of old writers? [if so, who?]
More segments?
More sceneries?
More comps?

Tell us what you think in the comments. You may have noticed I enabled anonymous commenting, so if you must, do it anonymously. ;D

Thanks so much for following and reading Editorialized, we love you all!


Anonymous said...

I think you should get rid of the writers
As i cant remember the last time I saw a post from them, tbh I don't think they care about their job here at editorialised.

Princessvx/Vicky said...

Do we need more writers? Yes, I think you need a couple of more active writers that haven't got as many other projects on their hands.
Get rid of old writers? [if so, who?]
I really am not being mean or I don't have anything against these girls, but I think Noelle, Findurlove & Eeleenyte10 should go because they are just not active and are taking up the spaces as writers that more active people could come and take (:
More segments? Yes. It's all a bit messy right now.
More sceneries? Maybe. It would be good to see some more tutorials!
More comps? Oh yes! I think even little comps could go far :]

Thanks for letting us have an input (: And congrats on the exceeding amount of followers, the blog deserves it!

Anonymous said...

What I think you need:

Don't fire the writers, they're quite good, they just don't post often.
You should definitely hire more writers, post more, and create new and exciting competitions.
And maybe change the format of the blog.

Linus said...

I don't think you should fire the writers either, I mean, better with quality rather than quantity, in my opinion. [:

Maybe hire some more though? Which will increase the quantity of the blog, but still keep it quality?

Competitions are also fun, & new segments could be really exiting. [:

Anonymous said...

More segments and more comps other than that its lovely :)

Becka said...

I don't care about the criticism to my lack of writing, that's true. I do want to write more.
But is it really that fucking hard to spell my name?! PSYCHOTIC. How can you misspell something that you're copying off a screen?

Anonymous said...

((taking up the spaces as writers that more active people could come and take))
Last I checked Blogger allows about 100 authors right?
So why would it bother you that the three people that don't post as frequent as your liking take up 3 out of 100 author posts.

Just saying.

Sary.Babyfayce said...

I really love this blog and it has been/is so amazing that it's not a typical stardoll blog, but a place for inspiration and fashion. I think with the competitions it would just become one of those "commercial" blogs, where everybody is just intressted in one thing: chances to get MONEY,MONEY,MONEY!
Beside that the only thing that is really bugging is the inactivity of (some of) the writers, cause i've been waiting avidly for new posts!

Princessvx/Vicky said...


No I don't mean it that way, I know your not being rude or anything, but what I mean is; You are writers so writer positions are filled up right now, due to all of you writers, but if you were not there anymore, Kylie might see how little people there are on the authors list and then hire someone else.

Get me? (:

Anonymous said...

Either way I believe Kylie is thinking about adding more writers.

evermore1girl said...

Do we need more writers? Not really, when you do post it is really nice and there are posts now and again which is enough, it would be time consuming to read your wonderful, but detailed posts everyday. I do love them all however, but it is like a surprise to see one and it wouldn't be so nice if there were several or so a day.

Get rid of old writers? [if so, who?] I like all the writers and they all have strong points

More segments? Um I think I would like to see segments from more magazines than vogue perhaps? Maybe comparing them

More sceneries? I would love more sceneries, they are so easy to follow with Lia's tutorials

More comps? I love comps and it really helps spark interest in a blog, so I would say yes ^^

Raina/Bipasha2 said...

I think you should do a competition, it will allure more people, especially with a good prize. Don't kick out any writers because that would be mean, just give them a wake up call and tell them to be more active. But, you could also add one or two extra writers, just to be safe. Hire someone to host a competition or raffle. :)

Anonymous said...

You have a disgusting attitude and I really don't think you are suitable for editorialized, really you need to sort yourself out.

Kylie/missricopenguin said...

@ anonymous
I think I'm the only one who can decide if anyone is suitable for Editorialized. ;D

RockinEllee said...

More Competitions & Maybe new writers :)

Anonymous said...

I agree that you are resposible but you must agree Psychotic-Freaks behaviour is not good enough to represent some thing as great as editorialized

liza.suliamnec/jelizaveta123 said...


Anonymous said...

You should get a make-up writer, like talk about real life trends and/or how to translate trends to stardoll. Maybe do like tutorials on specific designer's runway make-up trends or celebrities, and give a profile for them :)

You should ask one of the youtube people like Lel1996, MissClaire1994x or StardollConfidential! I think they all blog too, so they'd know how to do it properly :)

Becka said...

What exactly am I supposed to have done that's so hideous and disgusting? What 'behaviour' are you even talking about?

Anonymous said...

people are saying fire some of the writters and some people are saying don't fire them.i suggest you talk to the writters that dont usally post, say in there guestbook something like: do you still want to be a writter at editorialized?

and i suggest there should be a little more scenerys and insprations, things like that.