Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Art of Underwater Sceneries

As I recently got updated about VanityModels newest task by the owner Findurlove I became oh-so excited. The task for this time was about underwater sceneries, something we're all familiar with on stardoll. When I today went back to the club to see what the contestants had gone for, I was very surprised by the many ways of doing an underwater scenery they had came up with, just look here:

.Naima went for a different angle in her scenery, how exciting!
Editorialized's own Liajm went for an upside-down pose.
Male-model JakeBurberry went for something more primitive.

You can click on the sceneries to see them better. There's so many ways of posing, decorating, styling and creating an underwater scenery! The limits are unlimited.What's your opinion of underwater sceneries? Have you ever tried it out?


Princessvx/Vicky said...

I find something about underwater images, Stardoll & Real life, so beautiful. It feels like there is no limit under the water & You can feel freedom. It's beautiful, definitely.

Great post. (: ^^

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

Even I don't play Stardoll anymore I love these kind of posts.
I remember I did one or two underwater sceneries :D

new post♥mfashionfreak

RulerfRoses/Lyndie said...

I think they're beautiful, and I want to try one, I just don't have underwater tiles and stuff and no money to get one. I will once I get money. Liajm's is simply beautiful, though the first one looks a little off somehow. I'm not sure how.

Raina/Bipasha2 said...

Their great, but my favorite one was Blair's, it's also for Vanity Models :)

MMAlovergirl said...

they are beautiful!
here is my idea for an underwater scenery (created by me - MMAlovergirl):