Saturday, July 23, 2011

Editorialized's Next Top Model: Prizes and Judges

...And so it begins! Editorialized's Next Top Model is about to begin! Can you feel the excitement in the air? The anticipation?

All eliminations and tasks will take place on this blog, however, all sceneries will be made in the club Editorialized so that it will be easy to find and comment on sceneries. To join the club click here. Anyone wanting to participate in the cycle will have to join the club.

As well as that I must announce our two other judges. I'm not sure if we will have any more judges, but we may have a few guest judges along the way. Without further waiting our two judges will be the Queen of scenery posing, Liajm and the amazing Dog_Boy96! They are both writers of this blog and know a thing or two (or twenty) about modeling. ;)

And of course I must tell you the prize list! This list is subject to change and there may be a few more prizes to be added.
The current prizes include:

-A place in International Movement Models owned by FashionMan.
-A postion in a campaign and/or runway for Kharma owned by
-Modeling feature in Monster magazine owned by Wooldoor
-Interview and feature on Editorialized owned by missricopenguin
-Modeling feature [and maybe covergirl] of DANG! magazine owned 
by MadDrumFairy
-Modeling feature in Luxury Magazine owned by Luxury_Magazine
-Modeling feature in POSH Magazine owned by Chace.Clark

And there we have it! Applications will be open in the next day or so and soon enough cycle one of Editorialized's Next Top Model will begin!


Raina/Bipasha2 said...

I truly cannot wait :)

Iovanca said...

can't wait! the prizes are amazing! <3

evermore1girl said...

That is one of the best lists of prizes ever. I like the choice of judges.

Anonymous said...

You´re not that organized as Noelle... poor of you... but you make it with what you have, no...

Hell, it´s your sd business, and it sucks!

Kylie/missricopenguin said...

If it sucks so much, why are you here? ;D

Findurlove said...

@Anonymous: At least Kylie has devotion and motivation - not to mention all the hard work she puts into both the planning and the execution processes. Being organized is something you are usually born with, you either are organized or not. As for her business, she has made something of her self ;)!! She has not only made a successful night club, and a successful modeling club but also a hugely admired and looked up to fashion and modeling blog that has the best of both real life and stardoll. To top that off she made another modeling competition that is sure to have extreme popularity.

And what about you? :)
You cant even leave your name let alone make something of your self!


Kylie/missricopenguin said...

aww love you Maggie <3

Linus said...