Wednesday, July 13, 2011

three more modeling opportunities;)

Once again, I've two more modeling opportunitys for you - THX to the Stardoll-Fashion-Week !!!
Here's the first one:

"A starbazaar fashion line, so different its fetch. It is the only collection out there that will be available to both non-superstars and superstars for the same price. We are working hard on different patterns for different styles. A spoiler and model applications will be coming out soon." - Sounds good;)

To apply you have to tell them your Real first name, your Username, and what what you think that makes you special... you also have to give them a Picture of your Dollface without MakeUp. So If you want to try your luck click here.

The second modeling opportunity is given you by ...
...the very first fashion line of Dei (To_Royal).

 - This is the first spoiler it looks promising, I think.
"This is Savage's first spoiler for the my very first line! I call it 'Askew Ways' because I think it is more an odd ball way to go to the beach but still being fabulous, edgy, and elegant, which is what I aim to accomplish." (Dei)

To apply as model for Savage click here and give your name (a bit strange that you should specify the full name), your Username, your Experience and a Picture of your Dollface without make-up and a special kind of hair, you also have to be follower of the blog!

Last but not least there's my very own and first fashion-line "extravagance"

 I'm also searching for models and all you have to do is to post your Username here in the comments!

So good luck, I'll going to keep you up to date!


Linus said...

I think all of the new lines seems great! I'm really excited about Savage.

xx-kirsten-xxx said...

Hi :) All 3 of these look great!

I'm looking for models for my line too - Tidal Swimwear (, I'd love if you could advertise/tell people about it!!!

Thanks so much!
Love K xxx

SDV \\ supa_star4real said...

Aww thanks a bunch Lissy !