Friday, July 8, 2011

VoltageModels, A New Way Of Modeling!

A few days back, I got a message from my friend Jack, aka. Freeduck_, saying that he's opened up a new modeling club & would love me to join! I instantly got interested. Only about half a year ago Jack had started up another modeling club which I was to judge for, unfortunately this one never started. Anyhow, out with the old & in with the new! VoltageModels is the newest, definitely most egdy & soon-to-be one of the grandest modeling competitions all over stardoll, with a price of 3000 stardollars alongside with others soon to be revealed prices, it is sure to become a hit. 
The current judges is Jack himself, Selena aka. Ruubin as well as myself. So if you're an aspiring model who wants to get a foot into the modeling business of stardoll, or an experienced model who wants to compete for the glory, you can apply right here.

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