Thursday, July 14, 2011

Interview with Mel (Bluegreen86)

I think just about everyone is familiar with the name Bluegreen86? Is this safe to assume? We've all heard about her and her competition MelsModels, but lets dig deeper and gain a little incite into Mel herself.

L: Hello Mel, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by Editorialized! 
M: Hey Lia! Thanks for asking me to be a part of such a well established and exciting project.

L: This season of MelsModels was special because it was "New vs. Old", is there anything special planed for the next cycle? 
M:  Yes, this cycle was one of my all time favorites! I adored getting to give old contestants a second chance, but it actually made everything so much harder since some of them had to be eliminated twice. In the future, I really don't know what to expect. I always take a break after a MelsModels finale and think about the future and what I want to do. It may include a MelsModels cycle and it may not. It takes a lot of time and energy to run the club to the expectations everyone has, and I will never give half my time and energy to conduct a mediocre cycle.

L: Many of the sceneries from this cycle have been featured on editorialized, has this been the most challenging and talent-filled cycle yet?
M: Yes it truly has been one of the best overall cycles. I say this because I could truly see every girl winning and I developed such strong emotional connections with the new girls and continued with my great relationships with my 'oldies'. Every elimination was a heartbreak!

L: Do you expect the next cycle to be even more fierce?
M: If I go on to hold another cycle I cannot possibly see how the talent would grow, but I do expect it! It seems every cycle the innovation and creation process expands into a more interesting and more shocking form!

L: How do you keep up with everything on stardoll, while juggling school and your real life?
M: It is hard to keep everything going just the way I like it, but I just have to always remind myself that stardoll is ultimately a game! i can't be choosing to spend time on here over time with family or friends, so I just try to keep my head on right. I love the people on here and I consider a good amount actual friends so that is why I keep coming back, but if doing homework or having dinner with my family keeps me from changing my outfit for a few days, I don't mind compromising!

L: You've been on stardoll a long time - has a lot changed?
M: Yes I have been on for almost three and a half years. To me, its crazy how much time I have spent on here! I remember my first few days and really almost everything has changed! There are the superficial changes like how rares now go for thousands when they used to be bought for 20sd or how clothes now cost us 20sd in the starplaza when the same dress may have been 5sd a few years ago, but there are also other ways this site has changed. This new 'generation' kind of seems more involved with getting attention and forgetting what this world is all about! Its about having fun and expressing yourself, and everyone needs to remember that!

L: Does stardoll still have the same hold for you as it did in it's early days?
M: Yes it certainly does. I came on here to dress up dolls and play with fashion and style. I use this site, and always have, as an outlet for experimenting with my creativity and ideas! I love to explore and stardoll allows me to do that beautifully.

L: What is your favorite part of stardoll?
M: The chances I get to meet and get to know people from almost any country in the world! I love becoming best friends with people from different states and continents! Its just crazy how much I have learned from everyone on here.

L: Besides your club, you're well known for your fashion. Where do you get your inspiration?
M: I really get inspired by the items or garments themselves! I let color, texture, size, shape, and fabric talk to me! I like experimenting and playing around until a look finally looks complete! To me it just happens organically and I love the process of creating my outfits. Its like therapy because it always calms me down!

L: Is there anything you think people should know about you?
M: I just want everyone to know that I am a normal person. When people come on this site they always picture the medoll and that makes people forget there is a real human operating the account, with a heart, and a brain, and feelings. Everyone needs to remember this about everyone on here. We all came here to have fun, not be cyber bullied. Its important to treat everyone on here like real people.

L: What advice do you have for aspiring models?
M: I would say never give up! Do as many competitions as you can, talk to as many magazine editors as you can, and always practice styling and posing your medoll in both your suite and sceneries! Rejection only makes you stronger and you learn most of your lessons in life from mistakes and mishaps, so just keep your head high and move on! You will be able to do all you want to do in life, if you believe you actually can!

L: Thank you for your time, it was great talking to you!
M: Thank you so much! I am so honored and proud to be a part of this [Blog].

PS: The final sceneries for MelsModels have been submitted:

Linus' (.pease.) sceneries are on the left and Melinda's (.naima) sceneries are on the right

 Do you still hold by your previous votes?

You were right about Tirge89 coming in 3rd place....
We'll just have to wait and see! 


evermore1girl said...

I changed my mind on who I think will win now :P

Good luck and this interview was very enjoyable to read. I hope to follow your words of wisdom Mel

Elle Rose/RockinEllee said...

tehehe Lia, I was going to do a post about the Finale but it's okay :) Love the interview!

Linus said...

Amazing interview, Lia. :D Loved to read it. & I'm so excited for the result! Ohmy.

Zenonas/-LimitedEdition said...

Nice interview! haha and I'm still one of those who believes that Linus going to win :D Even when both of them are really great :)

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

ohh. haii Mel.^^

My blog♥mfashionfreak


Lia MacKenna / liajm said...

Oh sorry Elle!Of course this wasn't a real post about the finale, so if you have anything more insightful, don't hesitate to post about it (:

Melinda said...

Lovely post Lia, as usual! It's great that I can see all of our sceneries, because now you can really see where the differences and similarities are.
It's so nice to read all that thoughts and opinons of Mel. She really is down-to-earth person, which I so love about her. The final day is coming closer and closer! I am thrilled to find out who wins. Either way I will be more than happy and also very relieved :D