Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To sew, or not to sew...

Ever since I started sewing clothes, people have been avidly telling me that I should sew my own senior prom dress. I give them apprehensive looks sawing, "we'll see", but now that I think about it, it actually sounds like a cool project!

After look around Etsy.com for patterns all morning, I have found 5 patterns that I like, but they all have their ups and downs...

 < This pattern is nice, simple, and elegant. But is it too casual for prom?

< This pattern would work great with chiffon - my favorite type of fabric - but is it too much, too princess-like, for prom?

< If I were to chose this pattern I would most likely make it without selves. I love the lace, and it has a nice vintage feel to it, but is it too old fashion?


< This one's classic. I like this pattern, but it's not really special, there's nothing too unique about it.

<I find this drawing to be just stunning! My only question is - will it look equally good in real life?

I simply cannot answer these questions for myself, so I am asking YOU to help me. Just answer in this nifty poll:

Thank you for helping (:


Jennifer said...

In my opinion they are all beautiful but I think the third one would look more elegant in a girl like you and if you wear gloves like in the sketch it would give you a vintage feeling that people will love.

RulerfRoses/Lyndie said...

Number five is stunning, but wouldn't it be really hard to make?

Lia MacKenna / liajm said...

@Lyndie: Yes it most likely will be hard to make, but prom is not for another 10 months! So I have lots of time (:

#2 might also be hard to make, as Chiffon is difficult to sew with...but there always has to be a first for something!

RulerfRoses/Lyndie said...

True. :) If you feel like a challenge, go for it. If not, I'd suggest number 2 without that little sheer shrug thing.

evermore1girl said...

I love them all, but the last one is beautiful. I think if you kept it in light shades like the blue shown it would stop it being to much.

However it is extremely complicated looking. I also love the vintage number 3 dress. I think with the gloves it would be really unique. It just depends if vintage is a style you like ;)

Princessvx/Vicky said...

I simply adore the last design! It's so me as well, that I wish I could put together a dress like that! <3
I agree with evermore1girl; I think if you kept this dress on the lighter shades side, you would get a very balanced look that both appeals as extravagant and soft, at the same time. I bet it's gonna be hard to make though, so good luck Lia. (: -Vicky xx

Becka said...

Honestly, not a fan of the fifth. It might hang strange, and you don't want it to wear you, just to use the shitty phrase. I really, REAALLY love the second one! It looks just plain stunning. Agree with whoever said it [I'm too lazy even to scroll], it doesn't need the sleeves bit. If you don't want the second one, make it and send to me? I like coral.. ;D


Angela/Dancing_Cupcake said...

Number one is fabulous. I prefer this more than Number five because five is overly blue...and girly for me. #1 is very elegant -- yet the simplicity is extremely beautiful. I would feel like a billionaire going to a gala in that gown.

<3 Angela

Olivia. said...

i think number five is perfect for prom. i love the color of it as well. whatever you chose, im sure you'll look beautiful. be sure to post pictures :)

khushbu said...

why dont you upload them on stardoll? there is a new contest.. have a look liajm! i think they would really like your designs!!

xoxo Khushbu