Saturday, January 8, 2011

Complex pose tutorial: ss

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, did you miss me?
Well here it goes!

This is a particularly challenging pose because pretty much all the joints are bent. Take a look:

So here’s what I did for the arms. It gets a little messy, so just keep in mind what parts you’ll want to keep.

When I tried to do the legs I ran into a problem with the feet:

So I decided if you can’t beet ‘em, join them! Like this:

And then I did the next leg:

So now all I need to do is keep in mind what I’m keeping, and cover up the rest!

And once it’s covered up…

It doesn’t look too great now, but wait till the clothes are on. Clothing can really make a big difference. You can really add some short cuts to posing by adding the right clothing that covers up the place you can’t with tiles. So this is what is looks like once the clothes are on:

And this is what it looks like once I’ve added the background, and it’s all finished!

How was this compared to my other tutorials?
What should come next? 


Nicole Jones said...

Whoa that is absolutely amazing! I love it and you are a pose GENIUS!

♥♥♥♥♥ said...

This blew me away! Your best pose tutorial yet! Maybe next you could do a tutorial on a pose that's on an angle. I always have trouble with those.

liajm said...

A pose on an angle? I don't quite know what you mean. Could you reword that?

Michi/kissedbyMichi said...

Lia, this is absolutely gorgeous!!! Definitely my favorite of your tutorials so far. I especially thank you for the lines you drew on the parts we should keep; it made following the tut so much easier. I'm going to try this down the line when I've had more practice at posing. :D Thanks!

Kylie/missricopenguin said...

Lia! You're so talented!

Vicky said...

I <3 This!
I Tried Doing This Kind Of Stuff But Failed A Bit... But This Is Very Inspirational, So I Will Try Again! :)

jessijenni said...

lara stone ♥
I have a photo from the same shoot on my wall ^__^

Avril14140/Mihaela said...


This is great!!