Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Spot Of News....

It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been making graphics, and so far most of the things I've made I want to throw out and never see again... But I might be a bit over dramatic. ;D

Anyways, what's new on stardoll? Well let's start with this ohmygod I love it spoiler from Ego Magazine:

Wow, I love it. It seems so... luxurious and mysterious. It sort of reminds me of a movie poster. I'm really looking forward to this magazine!

Another big event was the Classique Awards by To_Royal, the ceremony took place on Skype, and I must admit I wasn't expecting to make it. But at 9.30, nearly 10am in Australia the awards were still happening!

Congrats to our very own Findurlove for winning the Sweetheart award, Noelle_Page for winning the Biggest Achiever award and .Pease. for getting not one, but two awards including the Haute Couture Female and Alluring Female! Congratulations! Also well done to Liajm and Psychotic-Freak for getting nominated!

Yet another spoiler, this time for the Late Night Awards on Late Night With Chad... I think I am a bit late posting this but Noelle did a wonderful job on it.

The spoiler looks very promising. Has anyone else noticed a sudden outburst in Award shows?

Anyways, I have another bit of news for you guys, as of the fifth of February this blog is going to be Kylie-Less for three whole weeks! I'm going to Malaysia and maybe a few other places with my family and I'm not expecting to have very good internet. Nevertheless, when I get back I hope to post a whole lot of photo's to show you guys, I am really excited for the trip, plus I get to miss three weeks of school...

That's all for now,



liajm said...

Have fun on your trip Kylie!

The Ego magazine spoiler looks amazing! Very intriguing...And yes I have noticed the burst of awards shows, but they're always fun! Congratulations to all the editorialized staff who won awards! And jut a correction Psychotic-Freak with Writemarycat won best entrepreneur for Stardoll Fashion Week.

Linus said...

I'm in Love with the Ego spoiler! It's so fantastic.