Saturday, January 1, 2011

"It was the End of a Decade, But the Start of an Age"

"It was the End of a Decade, But the Start of an Age"

-Taylor Swift, Long Live

2011 is here! Well maybe not if you are from the USA, but if you are from Australia or Europe it is finally 2011. A brand new decade... I must say that 2010 was not my most favourite year in real life, I've had better, but on Stardoll it was pretty good. I met lots of new friends and started a couple project, including this blog!

A brand new decade, by the end of it I will have left school, started University (and depending what I study), finished University and be living in the city hopefully working in a science field of work or doing something in photography or advertising. Unless of course the world ends in 2012... but I'm going to skip over that bit. :P

Anyways, here are a couple magazine spoilers!

Passion Magazine

Antidote Magazine

Oh and what's this? Maggie's (Findurlove) birthday party?

Don't worry, I had to google what Minaj was too... :P

Make sure you wish Maggie a happy birthday on the third of January!


Princessvx said...

I <3 The Spoilers!

And how popular must Maggie be to have her own 'Bash' I am excited!

Same, At the end of this Decade, I will be 22 :D Scary to think about that!:D

liajm said...

"and they were screaming long live..." now I have that song stuck in my head (:

jessijenni said...

<3 taylor swift