Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tyler's Top.... Models?

What's this? Tylerisbold presents a brand new modeling agency, Tyler's Top Models, which helps aspiring models get to the top.

Editorialized was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Tyler himself, read on to see what it's all about!

Kylie: Hey Tyler! So as I’m sure a lot of people are wondering, what is Tyler up to next?

Tyler: Many different people know that I am on a press tour for Tyler's Top Trends. My blog means very much to me and I am excited to announce that I am expanding the brand, so to speak. Tyler's Top Models is set to launch this Thursday. It will be something new and something trendy (no pun intended).

Sounds super exciting! What made you begin Tyler’s Top Models?

It's nothing too special, but it's different... I wanted to start the modeling agency because I really wanted to give other people a chance to fulfill their Stardoll dreams. We have been seeing a lot of the same models in magazines lately and it is getting sad. Boring even. My agency is going to help aspiring models make it in this die hard industry. With my power and my existence, once you are signed with my agency - you will instantly be a top model.

Will this be a very exclusive agency? Will it be hard for models to get signed with it?

Lets put it this way. If you get signed with the agency, it is going to be an exclusive journey that will be made public. What goes on behind-the-scenes will be private obviously - but the models capabilities will be documented. This is an elite modeling agency, with that being said, yes it will be very hard to get in.

Ahh, well there is going to be some very lucky girls. Will you be hand picking models or will they have to apply to get in?

Both. If we discover you, we discover you. If you apply to become a model, of course my staff and I will be strict about if your application is valid or not. If you have "it', you have it!

What plans do you have it? Any competitions?

Competitions will come in the near future, but the agency is mainly a base for models to actually get featured in magazines and promotional photos. Like I said, if you work for my agency, then you are sure to get work as a model.

Do you think it will compare to other modeling agencies and clubs like Vanity Models and MelsModels?

I know it will. It is not a competition, it is not based off of one I should say. That's what sets it apart from traditional modeling competitions.

Well, it sounds very interesting! Thanks for the interview and I’m sure everyone at Editorialized wishes you the best of luck!

Thank you! I am pleased to hear the interest in my latest project. I love this blog by the way and I am proud to announce that I am donating 300 Stardollars to you, just for the blog. You can use it on anything, whether it be a competition or a giveaway!


Well it seems as though we'll be planning another competition in the future! Thanks again!

What do you think about Tyler's Top Models? Hot or Not? Fail or Sail? Tell us in the comments!


liajm said...

Wow! This sounds very interesting! I can't wait to hear more about it :D

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Can't wait :O
I'll have to work hard to try and get in :/

Linnea/.pease. said...

Wow, I Think This Sounds Amazing!

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

That sounds very good.

It was very generous from him :]

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Sounds amazing, can't wait to hear more about it!

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Cant wait !