Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Project Runway - Irina Shabayeva

I am a huge project runway fan, and that is a huge understatement for my love towards this show, much like ANTM, this show has suspense, has the joy, the bitter fights, the arguments that we all sometimes enjoy watching, and of course the ''OMG THAT BITCH!'' moments that we have.

So, one of - in my opinion - the best seasons Project runway has ever produced is season 6, where was filmed in California rather than shooting it back at New York. Some of the designers who were the top three Carol Hannah (has a site for her collections however has not designed since Fall/Winter 2009, Althea Harper (also has a site, she is the one that made a spring/summer 2011 collection out of the three I am talking about) and last but not least Irina Shabayeva the winner of Project Runway season 6 and the as they used to call her ''meana irina''.

Mean or not mean, Irina made such a statement all throughout the season, whether she made something hideous that the judges loved or something totally fabulous that was hard NOT to love, Irina captured the hearts, minds and feeling all throughout the season and I believe until now. Here are some of Irina's old pictures during the cycle.

The picture on top is a picture of on of Irina's greatest designs in project runway a few years back, and that was just the beginning, and that was just to show how much talent she had with factors that kept her from giving them a WOW factor. Remembering that they usually had a day or two to complete a look that needed precision and care, and of course limited resources such as 100 dollar budget for fabrics and other jewelry or whatever they needed from MOOD. Of course, knowing what she could do with little resources looked ultra fabulous then what do you think her looks would be like if they had the time, the resources and the care needed to produce?

Want to guess how much Irina is actually talented?

Think again,

How about I just show you?

These are simply four of the various and diverse looks of Irina's Fall 2010 collection which of course and evidently had a connection between all the looks because of her inspiration, but it also had that WOW factor that made you look not once, nor twice but three times, and if possible in all angles you could possibly look at.

I absolutely adore the last outfit, the ending of the show, because it isn't a huge dress that is a show-stopper, yet its one of those gorgeously detailed outfits that make you go ''Why is she not on!?! She is a true fashion genius!''

What do you think?

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misz_paparazzi said...

Her designs are absolutely amazing!
I love the first one(:

Gonna start watching Project Runway now, haha.