Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lauren-d, Rising Supermodel

Norwegian Marte, aka. Lauren-d, has recently kept on stunned me with her amazing masterpieces of sceneries. I've followed her work for a while now, and I just felt like I need to post her works and show you all this soon to become Stardoll-Supermodel, it's just all a question of time. As for a start, look here:
This scenery was made for SNTM.XX's sixth cycle, task 2. Fantastic, isn't it?

This one was made for The.Elite's very first cycle, task 2. She portrayed 'Harry Potter'.

As for this, it was made for TopModelAgency.'s third cycle, task 1. She's portraying a painter.

Now that's some marvelous modeling, am I right? What do you think of her works? Oh! And so you won't get shocked seing the picture below, I'm Linnea, aka. .pease., the newest member of the Editorialized-team [: It's gonna be so much fun writing here!


liajm said...

Wow! I love the harry potter one (:
they're all very mysterious.

Linus said...

She's very talented, indeed. [:

Linus said...

And I'm longing to see more posts. :D

♥♥♥♥♥ said...

Wow, she is so talented. Best sceneries I have ever seen!