Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Classique Awards!

A new awards show has hit and will hopefully be making a splash! It goes by the name of The Classique Awards and I really like the sound of them.

Owned by To_Royal it has some interesting categories. I like them most because they are not the usual (and boring) "Best Medoll", "Best Suite" etc. Instead she has taken the time to make new names such as "The Haute Couture (Female)", "The Entrepreneur" and "The Risque". There are a lot more catorgories than this, so go check out the blog, here!

While we are on the topic of award shows, what happened to The Star Awards? Wasn't the ceremony meant to be this week?

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Deidra said...

Oh! I was thinking the same thing! At first I had completely forgot they were suppose to have happened then yesterday my friend mentioned it to me.

Did Vanessa go M.I.A.? D: