Friday, December 24, 2010

Non superstar posing tutorial

Having been a ss for as long as I’ve been posing, I’ve never had to deal with the difficulties of posing with out tiles. Non-ss posing is so much harder then ss posing, because you either have to use items that have a pattern on it, or clothing.

For this tutorial I chose to use clothing. The item of clothing I chose may look familiar to you because I used it in the last tutorial I did. It’s these:

So what you do is start by making them as big as possible to cover the background, like this:

When you’re done it should look like this:

A perfect black background.

Since non ss posing is more difficult I am going to do a more simple post then  usual. If I get more comfortable with non ss posing, I my try to do something more complex.
So I started off with adding this part of the arm, and I was lucky enough that by putting it far enough back a lot of the extra parts were covered.

So then I added the second part of the arm and it looked like this:

Now the challenging part begins, covering up the extras. When using clothes to cover up extra parts one must be very careful. The clothing likes to snap into place. However this can be used to your advantage. If you snap clothing onto a part that you want covered up, it works quite well. However you must be careful that it’s not covering up a part that you do need. So this is what it looked like when I was done covering up the extra parts:

Not very good huh. Well, I have newly gained respect for non-ss models, it is very challenging.  
So now I just have to add clothes and a few background items. And voila!

Well that was way more challenging than I expected…

Are you a non ss aspiring model?  Did this help you?

What kind of tutorial should I do next?


RockinEllee said...

Hey Lia! Non-Superstars could also use flags from "Small World" and they could also use black with neon from "Pretty In Pink" All available in the suite shop! (:

Gabby1822 said...

Wow, this is super awesome Lia! Thanks so much for posting this :)

liajm said...

Thanks for the advice! Using clothing to cover up the extras is supper hard, so something else would help a lot (: