Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Complicated pose tutorial!

The best sceneries are made when you are INSPIRED. That is why, before making a scenery, I look on google for inspiring images. If you want to do a complex pose one of the best things to search is: Vogue Editorials. That’s what I did when creating this scenery, and I found a really great pose. 

Another good thing about having a picture reference is that you know the pose cannot (most of the time) be awkward. If you are doing a pose and do not have a reference picture, please attempt the pose yourself to find out if it’s awkward.

Here is the pose I was attempting:

The first thing I did was the legs. Here is what the legs looked like before I covered them up.

Obviously using so many parts can get confusing, so it is important to remember which parts will not be covered up. I drew red lines on the parts that I will be keeping.

The next step was the arms. Things get tricky once you have so many different parts, and so you have to make sure the new parts you’re putting in don’t cover the old ones( that you’re keeping, they can cover the ones you’re not). Here is what I did for the arms.

So now all that’s left to do is cover up the parts I’m not using. When covering things up I usually start by covering up both sides as far in as I can using one tile on each side. Like this:

Then the long process of covering everything else starts. When covering things up just remember what you need. For example I’m not caring about covering up the hair in this scenery because I know I’m going to use horse hair. Another important thing to remember is not to make things sharp or flat! Just use the extra few pieces to make things look right. You could lose a whole modeling competition over having sharp/flat elbows! One of the most difficult parts of covering things up is the arm pits. Sometimes you are forced to cover up parts of the body, like I was here. However this is okay, because you are going to cover it up with clothing (: It’s also really important to figure out which way the foot goes. For example, I had to cover the arches in the feet in this scenery or else they would have been facing the wrong way. Here is what it looked like when I covered everything up:

When you are forced to have tiles cover the parts you do need, you are forced to put clothes on a different way than normal. You must make them as big as possible, get them over the place you need them, and then shrink them to fit. However for this to work you have to find a spot that does not have a body, because other wise it will go to that person. Just above the shoulders generally do not have extraneous bodies.  Here’s what it looked like after I added clothes, shoes and hair (:

So now all that’s left to do is add a few items so it doesn’t look bare (: and here is the finished product! 

Any questions? Was this a good tutorial? Should I do more? And pose suggestions?


Nicole Jones (Tapstar321) said...

Amazing tutorial! It helped me so much to understand how to do poses! Thank you! I would love more tutorials like this one in the future :D

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

Wow.It's amazing!
You should definitely keep posting tutorials!

Melissa|sweety-Melissa4 said...

thank you!! it helps a lot!! Keep posting about tutorials!

Gabby1822 said...

This was a great tutorial,but did you really use that much medolls?

Zoë said...

Thanks, that was actually so helpful!

You should do more ^^

~ Zoë

liajm said...


yes of course I did. How else would I have done it?

♥♥♥♥♥ said...

This is amazing. You did an incredible job!

JanaStarlite said...

Just found your blog through a mention in Stardoll Shiner. Wow! This is very complicated and I'm amazed that anyone could figure all this out. Fab job. Please keep posting things like this!!!