Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to get yourself known

I want to be precise and to the point when I write this, so that you read this post without getting confused or bored reading through tedious introductions, so here we go:

So you all know how magazine owners usually look for models for certain articles, editorials, or beauty shots? Well, you want to know the truth, sometimes yes, they do choose because of their social status on stardoll, however, some magazine owners, or model scouts look for true beauty in medolls, and this is what I want to talk to you about, here are a few tips to getting known and getting modeling jobs in stardoll's high fashion magazines:

- be DIVERSE: You never know what the magazine's articles are, and to be chosen you need to have an evolving style, that is not limited to just classical, or just rocker chic, you need to not only stick to how you normally wear but be diverse in wearing other type of outfits, or try on different looks or facial features, you never know when you would find better features!

- show PERSONALITY: Not attitude, not acting out, just normal personality, because almost all the magazine owners would pick a person who might be controversial, but also has one heck of a great personality, some one who is friendly, impressive, talented, and overall gives a great first impression to the magazine owners.

- know the RIGHT PEOPLE: The fact remains, that if you are unknown to the magazine staff and owner that you wont be chosen. So you need to socialize, you need to know the right people, you need to make something of yourself (this point ONLY could make a whole post alone, if you want I can post this later!) and you need to make them know you are the most fashionable girl/guy out there.

- know the LATEST 411: Other than the gossip that we can see in gossip blogs such as PSG, or KOM, you must know your fashion, take a look at fashion/modeling blogs such as this blog, or Tyler's Top Trends! You need to know the trends, the IN and the OUT, the HAIL and the FAIL of fashion, without this, you are most certainly not going to make an impression at fashion posts!

- participate in COMPETITIONS: Well, this is a turning point, other than the recognition and the prizes you gain because of it, you also get healthy competition by which you show your active personality, and your competitiveness! This is totally a great way of giving off good impressions!

So I gave you 5 ways to getting out there, and getting chosen to model, so you stick to those and you will surely get somewhere here on stardoll!

Good luck all,


Vivaalajuicy said...

Oh, wow! Thanks for all those tips! They were all really helpful, especially from a person that is greatly-known through Stardoll. Thanks again!❤

liajm said...

great post!

I think I'd be really helpful if you did a whole post on "know the right people" like you said you could (: