Saturday, December 11, 2010

Distressed Shorts


Sorry for no posts for the past few days, but Lia has been posing some really great tutorials, hasn't she?

Anyways, today I went shopping. I'm going to this school trip on Monday & Tuesday. It's for this class I'm in, and as a reward everyone who did all their work and passed gets to go on this awesome trip. But for this trip the teachers have decided to get strict and say that we are not allowed to wear singlets with shoe-string straps or shorts shorter than mid thigh. 

Too bad all my shorts are, well, short.

So, today I went on the hunt for mid-thigh shorts!

In the end I found these (in our very limited shopping plaza) in the shop Cotton On. I love Cotton On, it has some really cute clothes and is fairly inexpensive.

So I got these shorts (at least I think it is these). I personally really love the whole distressed denim look. It makes you look so much more casual, and looks great with a singlet (in summer anyway :P). The shorts go about three centimeters above my knee so hopefully the teachers will approve!

But that's not where my story ends. After I got home I dumped my bags on the couch. My sister then got out the shorts and showed my dad. He took one look at them and to me that he was very "disappointed" in me for buying shorts with rips in them and he thought that I should know what is new and old!

Hahah does anyone else out there have a dad (or mum!) that has no sense of fashion whatsoever? Tell in comments :)


Avril14140/Mihaela said...

My mum actually has a really good sense of fashion :D

Awh :S

I like theem!

liajm said...

My parents and all my friends parents are always like "why would you want to buy stuff with holes in them?" lol

they just don't get it (: My moms style is iffy. Sometimes I can find some cute vintage stuff in her closet. But when it comes to present day fashion.....ehhh