Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Looking For ONE New Writer!

Hey everyone,

My dad has decided to start restricting my internet use... lucky me! (note the sarcasm).

Anyways, I am looking for one new writer, I need someone who posts about fashion, modeling, sceneries etc. at least once every two days.

Yes, I am looking for a dedicated writer who can post as often as possible, especially when I am away.

To apply fill out this form in the comments:


Stardoll user:

Skype name:

How often can you post:

Any experience (please live a link to any of your blog posts):

If you haven't written for a blog before, please answer this question:

If you could have anything you want for christmas, what would it be? (Remember to stick to the theme, fashion and modeling! I also will be judging by the amount you write, how descriptive you are etc etc.



Linnea/.pease. said...

Name: Linnea
Stardoll user: .pease.

Skype name: lil-linnea

How often can you post: Well, I Go Online Every Day. So I'd Try To Every Second Day.

Any experience (please live a link to any of your blog posts): our-stardoll-fashion.blogspot.com, stardollftv.blogspot.com, stardollsmostnewest.blogspot.co, I Am A Current Writer Of The Ones Above, Before Those I've Also Been Writing For theeliteblogger.blogspot.com And newyorkfashion13.blogspot.com.


Giudy said...


Stardoll user:giudyziamia97

Skype name:I can create a new one if it's necessary! :D

How often can you post:I Can post every day! :)

Any experience (please live a link to any of your blog posts):followthestylebyg.blogspot.com/

Gabby1822 said...


Stardoll user:gabby1822

Skype name:gabby1822-

How often can you post: As often as needed

Any expericence: I used to post for hotbuysbazaar.blogspot.com, Stardolldesigner.blogspot.com, thefashionablestardoll.blogspot.com
and am currently I am working on sdcovermagazine.blogspot.com and seenonstardoll.blogspot.com

Nicole Jones (Tapstar321) said...

Name: Nicole Jones

Stardoll user: Tapstar321

How often can you post: I can post daily or every other day.

Any experience (please live a link to any of your blog posts):
Also take a look at my blog elitewatchonstardoll.blogspot.com All posts are written by me.

hay_lin75 said...

Stardoll user: hay_lin75

Skype name: hay_lin75

How often will you post: once in 2 days for sure, but it may be extreme times when once in 3 days, but only in my exams period which will be in april.

Any experience: I have a real life blog but it's in my naitve language and it's about fashion. Whatsoever I have some samples from what I wrote on Stardoll Fashion TV :



♥♥♥♥♥ said...

Name: Jennifer

Stardoll user:Princesspea105

Skype name: Do we have to have a skype? I don't have a webcam or skype. Sorry.

How often can you post: Every other day. ( Most likely on...Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Any experience:
I have my own blog (stardollfashionscene.blogspot.com)
I write about fashion and trends. Here are some of my fashion posts:


Thank you, it would be best to contact me in my GB or on the "Contact Us" page of my blog.