Saturday, December 11, 2010

Posing trick and tutorial.

Thanks to everyone who was so enthusiastic about my last tutorial! So here's another one (:

For this tutorial you’ll need these tights:

From Fallen Angel on page 7.
They’re only 3sd and non ss so anyone can get them!

They are for a cool little posing trick that can make posing in sceneries simpler (:

Here is the pose I was going for:

So the trick is that you cover up your original legs completely, and then use the tights to do leg poses, instead of  extra bodies. Like this:

For this particular pose I am going to put the dress on now because the arm goes on top of the dress.
BUT WAIT! What we have here is what I call a conflict of poses.

It would be impossible to have the arm on top as well as the leg pose, so I must, unfortunately do a different pose for that arm. In posing you’ll find that this happens a lot, and you’ll simply have to adjust accordingly.

So now I’m just doing what ever arm pose I fancy. Another useful tip is to use the tile you already have up. Such as for this I put the body far enough back that it went behind the tile I used to cover the leg. This is helpful because then you can avoid getting the dreaded “cannot save” message (:

Another note about this pose is If you are going to do a pose with your arm sticking out like above (a very popular pose) please have it doing something! No one just stands with their arm sticking out like that! For this scenery I will be having her holding a purse (:

So now I’m moving on to the other arm, which is a typical “hand on hip” pose. I tip for this pose is to use the opposite arm. So if I were doing the right arm, I’d sue the left arm. This make sure that the bodies don’t go on top of your other arm (: like this:

Now it’s time to cover all the extras up (: Like I did in my other tutorial I covered up the stuff I didn’t need form both sides first. like this:

So once everything is covered up it looks like this:

Now it’s time to add accessories. However this presents the only disadvantage to using the tights: the shoes don’t “snap” on. You must angle them where you want and cover up the extra shoe. So once I’ve added accessories it looks like this:

So then I just ass a few more items to make it more interesting: and Voila!

Questions? Comments? Hungry for more?


Nicole Jones (Tapstar321) said...

I am very 'hungry' for more of these tutorials! AMAZING! ;)

Avril14140/Mihaela said...


I'm definitely hungry!!
I'm very,very hungry actually xD

I love this!

Deidra said...

That looks so cool ;o

musicqueenxx2 said...

Hey where did you get the dress??Its soo cute!!