Friday, December 10, 2010

Interview with a top model: itgonnarain

I will now be posting interviews with stardoll models! The well known, and the upcoming (:

The first Interview is with itgonnarain, or better know as Blair. It's quite appropriate that she is our first model to be interviewed, because she is practically the founder of stardoll modeling competitions!

Hi Blair it's so great to have you here today! Why don't you tell us a little about your self. How did you get involved in modeling?

Thanks for having me! I got involved in modelling because I saw lots of beauty competitions, but they seemed really superficial, so I wanted to create a competition for all sorts of people to showcase their modelling talent through sceneries. I started a modelling club called sntm.comp, and the winner was bluegreen86. After I deleted the club I created a new club called sntm.xx and asked Mel to be a judge. I also won a cycle of MelModels, and am now a judge for that club. I also recently won RNTM Cycle 2.

What have been your great accomplishments?

On Stardoll, my greatest accomplishment has been getting my club to be where it is today. Right now there are almost 600 members, and it started out so small.

What keeps you involved in modeling? What's your inspiration?

I continue to model because I absolutely love it. My inspiration comes from movies (especially old ones), fashion magazines, and fantasy. I love creating mysterious, mystical sceneries that are also kind of dark.

You must be a great inspiration to other non superstar girls who'd like to become great models. Any words of advice?

Don't give up, and always be creative with what you have! It really doesn't matter if you have the latest designer trend off of a clothing rack. It is so much more stylish to combine lots of different pieces into an interesting and unique look. One of the great things about modelling on Stardoll is that there are tons of clothes and props available in the sceneries that you don't even have to buy.

Great advice! It was nice having you here, and thank so much for being our first interview!

Blair's final task entry in RNTM. (with other finalist shake-something)

Blair's sceneries made for fun
Title: "Sinner"

 Title: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"

 Title: "Dancing in the dark"

The Judges for SNTM.XX
 Invitation to audition for SNTM.XX cycle 6

So what do you think? Is she talented or what!?! Will you audition for cycle 6?


Aba's a w.../shake-something said...

She's such an inspiration! :)

Kasia said...

Blair is the best! She made a scenery in MelsModels that's my favorite one I've seen on Stardoll. I was a judge at the time when she was competing. Also, I came in second place to Mel in the first sntm competition over two years ago. It was a bonding experience! Haha