Thursday, March 31, 2011

Journal de France - Day 1

The following is not a true story. However I did in fact go to France, and therefore this is inspired by my adventure.

March 18th

"We're sorry for the inconvenience, but the flight from Dollywood to Paris has been delayed 2 hours."
Sighs and groans go off around me. Please, it's just a little rain...
The too white walls, and the overpriced airport food are just about to drive me insane
when a girl around the same age as me comes and sits next to me. 
"Ever been to France before", she asks.
"No, never", I reply.
"Me neither, I jumped at the  chance when a representative from my work was needed for a conference there".
"I'm going for business too!" 
"Really where do you work?"
"I work for Editorialized, maybe you've heard of them?"
"Of course I have! I just work for an architecture firm, but I've always been interested in fashion."
And just like that a new friend was made. Two hours were gone before I knew it and I was one my way to France.

I have to admit that I've always been a little scared of planes. 
It just does not make sense that thousands of pounds of metal can just lift up off the ground.
I try to keep my mind off of this anomaly and focus on the trip ahead of me.
I think back to my conversation with my boss only a few weeks earlier:
"Are you sure you won't need me during Stardoll Fashion Week?"
"Yes, like I've told you, we just hired two new staff members." Kylie reassures me.
"And it's not just a one way ticket right?"
Kylie laughs "And how would you ever help this company wandering around France for the rest of your life?"
"Okay, I guess I'm just freaking out a little."
"That's exactly why I wanted you to go on this trip! You've lived in Dollywood all your life, it's time for you do get a dose of culture."
"That's what fashions all about, right? showing your culture? Who you are?"
Kylie nodds
"But what If I come back completely changed?"
"Then we'll hope it's for the better"
With these thoughts running through my mind, I doze off.
My dreams are filled with strange images of people walking around with mini Eiffel Towers on their heads, and people with Mona Lisa simles. The last thing I recall seeing is Kylie with both of these, waving me good bye, as I board the metro, to be forever lost  in it's darkness.




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