Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SFW reviews : Day 1

Long time no see, eh? Sorry all, I was really busy with Fantasy, you can see the collection today... And I'm sorry that review is late, I thought I want to make it complete so I didn't finished yesterday :D Hope it's ok.
Also, I would like to tell you about my reviews. I will be talking about collection, whats wrong and whats right, about the models, make-up, hairstyles,etc., chosing my favorite outfit, and... the model of the night - the girl, who absolutely rocked her outfit in collection!

Let's start - SFW day 2!
Kharma by Linus Leonardsson:

The colour palette of dark green, lavander/light pink and grey looks cozy and warm. The clothes are definetely something I would wear in real life, also, the shoes are awesome! Altought graphics quality is good, not the best but good and there are only 6 pieces, collection is great.

There were only three models: .pease. , missricopenguin and yoTOO
Hairstyles are really simple, but they give a touch of carelessness and elegance. Kylie's (missricopenguin) pink hair is working very well with outfits (or maybe outfits are working well with her hair..)

Make-up wasnn't really original, but it looks great here, and as I am fan of heavy cheekbones I was satisfied with it.

I also think that designs look awesome on light skin, but dark brown just.. doesn't work.

The best outfit:
I chose this, because I am completely inlove with the pants, I would loooove to have them in real life!

The worst outfit:
Sorry, but that green dress with no form just doesn't fits here.. It's not that bad, it was actually hard to choose the worst, but I think that's the one.
The model of the night is...

You definetely rock Kharma's runway, the pale skin, pink hair, dark make-up and heavy cheekbones were as good as it could be for this collection. Congratulations!

Full collection :

BYS fashion line by Tonia Dems and Amanda O'Neill

This one definetely was my favorite of the night. Of course, that's not something for wearing in real life, but come on, that's a couture! The royal blue and blood red with black, grey, white and a touch of green looks weird, but amazing. The touch-the-sky shoes don't look really good, but they complete whole outfit and make outfits crazy, weird and couture.

Models : Syligirl, shake-something, .pease., Pauo-Watson, gabby1822, anoO_, Jay.Pattinson and pizzaqueen1

I'm dissapointed about the make-up, because it's too simple for an awesome couture line and the looks are too different. Anyways, I'm completely inlove with hairstyles, even if most of them are simple too. The first ones get me thinking about something futuristic, or circus-ish, I think that was the main idea.

The best outfit:
It was REALLY hard to choose, seriously! I also loved the blue dress with baloon skirt. But this one left me speechless, it's definetely high fashion, great design, and wonderful colors combination.

The worst outfit:

The pattern on the red part of dress looks nothing but weird and not really good, also, the wings just doesn't fit here, sorry.
Model of the night :

.pease. ! Congratulations! Your make-up was stunning and fierce, also, that blue long dress looks like created to you, you are definetely rocking it!

Full collection :

Extraordinary by Eamonn Collins and Kimberly Dean

First off, good things. I think that collection pieces were nicely matched together and I really like the colour combination - golden, purple and black works together. Now let's get to the not-so-good things.
The quality of graphics isn't really good. The 75% of designs are plain and unoriginal, sorry if it may sound rude. Also, the shoes without sole looks pretty weird. Looks like you forgot to draw it!

What about models, the names are Vinnie99, Zoe_Couture, Mery.-, Hotangel9 and Tijanu6. I like that all the models has similar make-up and hairstyles.

The best outfit:
Probably the first one, just because it stands out from the others and it's original enough. Even the graphics aren't the best, I love the bottom part of it!
The worst outfit:

Honestly, it wasn't hard to choose. The most plain, simplest and weird shaped outfit wins. Sorry again.
The model of the night:

ZOE_couture! Congratulations! I loved how you look in that hairstyle!
Complete collection :

That's it, keep your eyes open for Fantasy couture (hihihi), Monster (though I'm not sure if I will review magazines) and WOE couture by Emily Vaine reviews!


AbiiBabeh..x said...

monster is wooldoors fashion line too ;)

Ellen Rouge said...

Thanks for letting me know, I thought it was her magazine! :)

Linus said...

Thank you for the nice review. [: I'm glad you liked it! I loved BYS as well! They've truly done an amazing job. & the colour-scheme was great in Extraordinary!

Oh, & btw, it's Dog_boy96, not Dogboy_96.

Ellen Rouge said...

Sorry! I fixed it now!