Monday, March 14, 2011

Scenery feature: Tigre89

I was browsing in MelsModels sceneries for some inspiration and.. I was speechless when I saw this awesome scenery by Tigre89! Elegant, mysterious and chic - I felt the Paris near me. The out-of-the-box pose was risky, but it looks so realistic! The task was Ad for fragrance, and this scenery definitely is a one. Congratulations, keep up your work!

Also, a bit about me! My name is Ellen (as you see) and I am the newest writer of Editorialized! I will write about modeling agencies and cycles, feature sceneries, interview supermodels and aspiring models and - the job of my dreams - write SFW reviews.
That's it, keep your eyes open for more posts! :)

1 comment:

liajm said...

Welcome to the team!
I love this scenery by Tigre89! I was actually thinking about posing about it myself (: