Monday, March 14, 2011

Gracious.Models - Sign-Ups

First of all I want to introduce you briefly my humble ... I'm Lissy and how you may have already noticed I'm now a new writer for this blog and inform you about all what's going on in the Stardoll-modeling-world.
I'm also a Stardoll-model myself  and have recently started my own  
Stardoll- blog.

Today, I want to recommend you the Modeling-Competition of the Stardoll-Club "GRACIOUS.Models"
I myself will also participate and I think it is a lot of fun ... so if you want to have a modeling-job and feel ready for the Stardoll-modeling-world, then click here and sign up;)

So that's it for today ^ ^ but I'll give you a small tip what my next post is about...: "Modeling Agency"

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Vicky said...

Can't wait for you future posts!

PS: Love the nickname (;