Monday, March 28, 2011

Let's talk graphics-SFW Magazines

While SFW has released some amazing couture lines, I have to admit that my guilty pleasure is seeing all the magazines!

Many have just amazing graphics! Just by looking at them you can see how much effort was put into them!
The 2 magazines who's graphics stood out the most to me were Runway's and Forever Chic's.

I really loved Runway's Perfume editorials:
 They're just adorable, and flawless!

As For Forever Chic, these are the standouts to me:
I love the nautical mixed with all the splashes of color!
I love the spring feel to this, and the color of the skirt in contrast to the background.
I really love this dress and the pose is so cute!

However there were some magazines that were not up to par.

Cyanide was one of these to me. The graphics were on the simple side and lacked some of the realism and depth that the 2 magazines above brought to the table.

A couple of the poses were simple like this
and the hair seemed very stiff. 
Overall I just wasn't very impressed with the graphics.

And now on to what I see to be the greatest disappointment: Red Lips Magazine  

There is just so many things wrong with this cover image. 
First of all the body is obviously a picture and not a graphic!
Secondly the covergirlis suposed to be me (liajm) and looks nothing like me!
A big rule in modeling is not to change your skin tone-so what is up with this cover!

I think the cover is the worst part, because honestly there are some nice parts to it.
I liked the beauty segment and some of the graphic are pretty cute:

UPDATE: if you read the last page of Red Lips Magazine there is an apology in which it states that her computer broke down and she had to make the whole magazine in ONE DAY. Wow that really puts things into perspective...

Anyways, what did you think of the SFW Magazines?

Spoiler (:


Nicole Jones - Tapstar321 said...

Great post, Lia! Thanks for featuring FCM :)

BTW, Love the spoiler for 'Journal de France'. It sounds exciting! Posting about it on

Avril14140/Mihaela said...


My favorite is definitely the Runway! I just love everything about it!

Ruthie said...

I only really liked Runway magazine, in the magazine releases, the graphics are amazing, FCM was good but I don't quite like the graphics.

Princessvx/Vicky said...

Runway was definitely my favourite because I did so much work for it myself! I think the graphics were stunning in it!

FCM was OK... I didn't enjoy it really, I guess the graphics were good though (:

Cyanide really disappointed me because it is such a big project with so much potential, but did not deliver.

And Red Lips Magazine... I was like, wtf? I thought they were kidding? It was a mess and just so horrible ;s Definitely not SFW standards :(

Awesome Spoiler ;o

Melinda said...

The person on the cover of Red Lips Mag. is supposed to be you? God..
I have to agree. Runway is by far the best, but I really do like FCM, too.Well, mostly, because it is my first appearance in a magzine,ever ;D
Can't wait for your Paris diary :)