Sunday, March 27, 2011


As I promised last time, I'll tell you a little about Stardoll's most famous modeling agencies ...
many models are right now on the catwalks of Stardoll Fashion Week.
The two modeling agencies I want to introduce are choosing their models not by a complex competition but applications. If you're choosen, you have to sign a contract with the agency which contains certain agreements. So, for example, we only may change our face-proberties in consultation with the agency.
The big advantage of this modeling agencies is that they work together with certain clients, which means that as a model you've got very high chances to directly appear in a magazine, on a catwalk or on a flyer.
Now to the agencies...

at first we've got Elite.Models a modeling-agency presented by Elite.Entertainment and owned by EliteNews:
To quote
"Elite Entertainment is opening a modeling agency. ELITEmodels is unlike most agencies in Stardoll. We manage the career of our models by helping them find work, establish thier very own portfolio and have them sign a lucrative contract that will assure them that ELITEmodels will diffidently live up to the plate with their modeling career."

Then we've got Tyler's Top Models a modeling-agency owned by Tylerisbold
to quote:
"Tyler's Top Models is a modeling agency. We manage up-and-coming, aspiring models to reach their goal of becoming a fresh, elite subject (model) in the cutthroat industry of Stardoll fashion. Once represented by us, you can achieve instant fame. We control your destiny as a model. It is our responsibility to find you work, and finding work is what we will do. While all of that may sound exhilarating, that installment comes after you have been happily signed to the agency. With that being said, approval from us is crucial."
If you are interested in modeling then try your Luck and apply ;)


Ruthie said...

ELITE models FTW! XD

Nicole Jones - Tapstar321 said...

Elite Models are the best. With them, I already got to model in a SFW collection AND the M by Marcela line. They definitely get your career going, as a model!

Anonymous said...

I'm a model for ELITEmodels, way better then Tyler's top models.