Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wonderland of E + Sponsoring

Wonderland of E, one of the fashion lines we sponsor have just released their spoilers and oh my! They are gorgeous! The quality of the graphics is really good, and that's even without even seeing an outfit!

Keep an eye out of Egle (Vampire_) at this seasons fashion week!

Want to be sponsored by Editorialized? Contact me on skype (kylie.xx) or stardoll (missricopenguin)!


Ruthie said...

Yes kylieeee :D We need to talk, and it's not about TSF, it's another blog of mine that I ould like Editorialized to sponsor, but I never catch you on!!! :(

Emily Vaine said...

Actually, I'm also the co-owner and couture designer of Wonderland Of E, so thanks for not mentioning me?:D