Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First big modeling-job at SFW

Yeah... you see right... it's me modeling for Fanatsy Couture... I'm very new in the modeling-business and I had my first big modeling-job at the SFW for Fantasy Couture... 
So you see... If you are model of a good agency you'll get jobs, greaaat jobs...
A few Days ago Linus (Dog_boy96) a really great artist and stardoll-fashion-designer asked me wether I accept modeling for his fashionline Kharma... YEAH... I'll be a model of Kharma... one of the greatest Fashion-Lines I've ever seen (want to see Kharma??? - click here)
It's great for me to see that even my Doll has Chances to become a great Stardoll-model... and I hope you will see, that with personality, creativity and a unique nature you can become a stardoll-model, too;)
In the next post I will tell you how to create a Portfolio and how to get Pictures for your very own modeling-portfolio;)

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