Monday, March 7, 2011

Sceneries: atmosphere

Now we all should know that posing is not everything. Atmosphere is also very important.  This scenery by tigre89 shows just that.
This amazing, mysterious atmosphere, and lovely portrayal of  September is why this scenery is the task 3 winner of MelsModels. A great accomplishment indeed.

This scenery is proof that you do not need to be a kick-ass poser to take the modeling industry by storm.

Here is my attempt at an atmospheric/minimalistic posing scenery:

So what do you think? Is atmosphere important when you're making sceneries?


Melinda said...

Oh I love both of them! September is one of my favortie months and she captured this mysterious atmposphere. And of course Lia, yours is gorgeous as always, I love this icy look, but you still give the viewer a feeling of warmth. I think the key is, that when you look at the scenery you forget about the pose the model is doing.And that's what both of you managed to do. So kudos for that. :)

_StarHelen_ :) said...

Both are just amazing. Yeah, atmosphere is really important!

Linnea/.pease. said...

They're Both Breathtaking! Very Dramatic Somehow.

liajm said...

That's a very good point Melinda! Making them forget about the pose...hmmm, might be a good idea for a modeling task? eh?

JanaStarlite said...

I'm kinda new to Stardoll (less than a year) and I have to confess that I'm not a big fan of 'posing' most of the time. It just doesn't look realistic to me.

However, the posing scenery in your post is really, really good.

For me, when I'm really trying, not just trying to earn starpoints, atmosphere is the name of the game in sceneries. I'm just not that good at it.

Thanks for the post!!

Gabby1822 said...

Sweet_gall11 made a similiar scenery for Task 1 as an angel in PearlMOdels that I absolutely love. It's minimalistic and gorgeous. You should check it out! :)